My Response to Westgate Mall Attacks #WeMustDoSomething.

Has it been that long really?..It feels like the first time. The jitters, butterflies, sweaty, anxious but I’m hoping that the expression on my face doesn’t sell me out. I want her to know that I know what I’m doing. I need to be the guide during this little truist. She stares back. Expressionless. Not […]

She calls it a mistake that should never have happened, a fault of cosmic forces that bumped us together,driving us out of our appointed trajectories into a similar milky way, now we float together in the same galaxy. I say thats sheer poppycock, absolute hogwash. I listen to her as she goes on and on […]

 I am an extraordinary mwananchi, yes I am. Extraordinary I say and I will tell you why.     First for you to understand this, you need to know about the ordinary type. The ordinary type: Wake up in the morning when the alarm goes off to switch it off, take a snooze, wake up again […]