The first time

Has it been that long really?..It feels like the first time. The jitters, butterflies, sweaty, anxious but I’m hoping that the expression on my face doesn’t sell me out. I want her to know that I know what I’m doing. I need to be the guide during this little truist.

She stares back. Expressionless. Not even a blink. I am now confused. What should I do? Let me make the first move..
I lift both my hands. Slowly move them towards her. Her bust. I touch. I touch again. First with my right hand then with the left. I press. It really is the first time! I press again. And again, and again… Soon its a non-stop melodious chatter of keys being pressed. On the keyboard!

The thoughts are transferred. The words formulated. The sentences completed. One paragraph. Then its two. Three. I should stop. I can’t. My fingers keep moving. Touching and pressing. And she reacts. I can see the expression on her face now. Still cold but at least I can read the words on her face. She has read my mind. All that I have thought is now written all over her. Excitement galore.

I look at her one more time. I need to confirm that we are on the same page. She still stares back but with my thoughts on her pretty little face. Contented I press the last two times. [CTRL + S]. I then click on the Publish Post button. And I’m done.
And folks that is how this article was born.

Happy new August everyone.


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